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The Girl
I am enchantinglight. I've always liked light and the idea of light. This glorious, weightless, colorful thing, a symbol of honestly and goodness.
Who am I? I'm a early twentysomething girl. I'm a Christian; I believe in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, my Saviour. I'm a homeschool graduate. I'm a college student. I work in retail. (And like anyone in retail, I could tell you stories!) I'm an introvert and a people-watcher. I'm a creator; I'm learning to make jewelry, and I dabble in making graphics. I'm a student of life; I love to learn anything anyone wants to teach me. I'm a Janeite and a member of the Jane Austen Society of North America.

Her Interests
I LOVE reading Jane Austen; she's my absolute favorite author and I'm probably in the middle of re-reading one of her novels at all times. I also enjoy Elizabeth Gaskell (North & South. Nothing more need be said.), as well as Georgette Heyer (The Grand Sophy!). On the subject of movies, I adore costume dramas. I love the clothes, the jewelry, the lauguage, the houses, everything! I confess, I am highly partial to happy endings. I also enjoy old movies; you can give me a romantic comedy from the 30s or 40s (or 50s or 60s!) containing rapid-fire dialogue, a sweet romance, and unending complications any day of the week. Musically, I am an indifferent piano player. "She will never play really well, unless she practises more." ;-) I enjoy listening to music, and my absolute favorite music is Classical Crossover. A lesser-known genre with an amazing variety of talent and many youthful up-and-coming artists. My soundtrack to life! I love jewelry and shopping for clothes and books. I admire art and architecture and seek to know more about them. I love creativity and imagination and design. I'm made up of books, sparkling things, spiral staircases and a million other things.

Her Journal
Now and then, everyone has thoughts that they want to share. Sometimes, you just want to throw them out into the blue. This is my journal, so I write whatever I want here--song lyrics, tales of my day, interesting links, quotes, book or movie reviews, or just thoughts that have been waltzing around in my head. I enjoy LJ, because it can connect me with others with similar interests. Each journal also acts as a window, providing me with a peak into the life of someone else. Maybe I'm just nosey, but the little glimpse I get can be fascinating.
Welcome to my own window.

Everything Else (You Never Wanted to Know)
One of my favorite words is "shenanigans". I'm can be quirky, and a bit of an eccentric at times. (I also tend towards pessimism and cynicism at my worst moments, but you don't see much of that here, as this is my happy place.) I talk out loud to myself when I'm thinking hard. I love to twirl.

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